I woke up this morning in anticipation of my exciting day. We are going to a very special birthday party this morning for one of our sweet little flower girls…completely Adorbs! Then, mom’s birthday dinner. But before all that can happen….

I spent 25 minutes this morning coughing and clearing my throat. One of the many “benefits” of having pulmonary fibrosis. I’m sure my family gets sick of hearing it. They have to! I personally want to punch myself in the throat with total annoyance of the repetitive sound! It eventually subsides so I can get on with my day.

Last night the whole family was home. Tyler and his sweet girlfriend, Kelsey, and Jake and one of their lifelong friends, Nate. They planned to see a movie. Like a good mom, I bought them the tickets and let them take my car. About 10 minutes after they left, Kelsey called. They had a flat. If you remember I alluded to my vacation tire issues…well apparently the problems are continuing. So…here’s the complete tire story.

We had just arrived in Ocean City, NJ, very excited to start our annual family shore trip. While unpacking and setting up my IV pole and feeding pump, I realized I had packed everything, but the pump’s power cord. How stupid could I be?! Tim and I went to the local drug store and searched for a cord that would work. We hid in aisles and carefully unpacked any razor/water pic/cordless phone/radio we could find to try to match up the cord. Of course, if we found the right one, we would also be the proud owners of whatever it was supposed to go with. But, no luck. We left the store, pump in hand, cordless and sad. This was on a Saturday so overnighting from home wouldn’t have gotten the cord to us til Tuesday…just not an option. My wonderful husband offered to get up early the next morning, drive home, retrieve the cord and come back. Isn’t he awesome? He said he could be back before the kids even woke up. 7:30 am on Sunday he started his recon mission. He made it home in record time and started his return trip to the shore. Twenty minutes into his trip, he got a flat. He called me from the side of the road. Ergh! Of all things to happen! He got the spare on the car and drove to the only tire store open on Sunday morning. Of course the tire was shot and needed to be replaced. But as an added bonus, my alloy wheel was also cracked. They didn’t carry the wheel so told him that he should be fine on the cracked rim with the new tire and to just check the air pressure daily. He drove off with the new wheel ready to smell the ocean air. Until 2 miles later when he had another flat! Wtf?! This time, spare went back on and I told him to just drive back to the shore on the spare and we would find a VW dealer there. Thank God! He made it back on the spare. I started my search for local VW dealers. I was thrilled there were two that were somewhat local. I called Monday morning and ordered my new rim. How much did you say that was? $389? OMG! Had no other choice so I ordered it. It came in the next morning  and they were going to put on the last new tire and we would be on our way. Easy enough, right? Ha! Do you not know my life yet? Things are NEVER that easy! They took the car in, the newest of my tires was shot! It’s short 2 mile life lived in vain. So, another new tire on my baby. Ok…all is good now. Or is it? Next day, didn’t really drive much. The following day we were headed to Wildwood for dinner and the boardwalk. It’s something we do every year and we always enjoy it. Well, 10 minutes into our journey you will never guess what happened! Ding ding ding! Winner!!!! This time…it was a complete blowout. Just have to show you this:

 Really? This is freaking insane! Back to to VW dealership. They claimed the tire was defective so they replaced it and assured us the car was structurally sound and sent us on our way.

It’s been almost a week since we drove the VW home from our vacation. Fast forward to last night’s tire debacle. At midnight, I watched my car get towed away to the VW dealership, only 9k miles, where it will live until they figure it out or give me a new one.

All in all, a very exciting weekend. Now onto the birthday party! Happy birthday sweet C!

Woohoo! My life is a blog!