Thought I wouldn’t blog today but…here I am! Woke up oddly early this morning . It’s no wonder. I feed at night. God that sounds like I’m a vampire. But in layman’s terms: I am hooked up to my feeding pump all night. You have to really pee to cart that heavy lug of an IV pole down the hall and back. I had to but…just couldn’t drag myself out of bed. I guess you could say the bladder was willing but the Tubie was weak.

Have I told you I have 2 dogs? Miniature poodles. Adorable! They are from the same litter although, one is much larger than the other. Nibbles is the bigger girl, Chocolate is the tiny one. Don’t judge the names. My sons named them when they were young kids. The dogs don’t help the sleep situation in our house. Tim and I have a full size bed. It’s fine for the two of us but much to Tim’s dismay, it is NEVER just the two of us. I always have to have the dogs in bed with us. It didn’t start out that way. They used to sleep in the crate at night. Until I came home from one of my many hospitalizations and explained to my hubby that it would me feel better faster to have the pups in bed. Nibbles and Chocolate have never spent another night in the crate. Where was I going with this? Oh! Yes. They take up a lot of the bed. They have nightmares and kick their feet. They are scared to death of storms. And they are very skilled at letting us know they have to go out. Not subtle at all…they sit on Tim’s chest and lick his face until he gets up. Works like a charm so I don’t suppose it will change.

Anyway, we went to Longwood Gardens this morning. It is a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants. During the winter, the conservatory area is warm and toasty and smells like a bouquet. We were (un)lucky enough to be there during an outdoor childrens rock concert. We, of course, didn’t attend but the music (term used loosely) filled the morning air. We had to sneak in and check out what individuals could be emitting these screeching sounds. Expecting to see people in costumes or band made up of girls…they are all Middle Aged men. How in the hell did their voices go so high? We entertained ideas of what could make that happen…all possibilities made us laugh. Best part was when they broke into ACDC’s Back in Black! What the f? But the kids were going wild. Go figure!

Side note, as we were sitting on a bench talking like an old senior couple, I remembered on old toy. Tim never heard of it. It was a “wiggly” worm kind of you that you could never grab. It would always slip out of your hands. Not sure what made me think of that. Did you ever have one? I think I might go on Amazon and order one. Will keep you posted on that.

Came home after that. Honestly, too exhausted to do anything else. When we walked in the door, my mom was grooming the dogs. Now that is a freaking shit show! Poodle hair everywhere! I just wanted to rest but had to jump in and assist in the sheering of the sheep. Should have taken a picture of all of the hair. Could have made two more dogs out of it.

Oh yea…here are a few pics from our morning.

Me & Tim at Longwood Gardens
Me & Nibbles
My Mom’s bday cake, beautiful huh?

Just thought I’d share with you…kind of a selfie Saturday. Enjoy your weekend!

Woohoo! My life is a blog!