Hello all! Well, yesterday was an appointment day at Penn. It was as I call “Lung Day”. I had my PFTs – Pulmonary Function Tests, my follow-up pulmonologist appointment, followed by some labs. It ends up being a long day for me since it is in city and frankly….traffic sucks.

But, let me back track a bit. Do you know I have two dogs? Nibble and Chocolate. nibbles and choc Cute, right? Yup! Adorable. But for whatever reason over the last few months, they have turned into mischievous little a-holes. I love them to pieces. Don’t get me wrong. If anything happened to them, I’d be sick. lol…well…more sick. Up until now, they have been the easiest dogs ever. About 6 months ago, I got rid of their crate. I’m hardly ever out. And if I am, someone is always home. So, we took it down and stored it. They handled it like champs. Until now! We get home about a week ago, they have created their own buffet in the mud-room. They drug out a case of Caesar’s dog food and ripped opened the box and removed individual containers and helped themselves. Let me shed some light on this. There are days that we serve them this same exact food, cut neatly into squares on a plate and even warmed, and these little divas won’t even touch it. On that day, that ate through cardboard and plastic to get to it – when they had their own food on a plate and a bowl of Blue Buffalo in a bowl also in the same room . SO THEY WERE NOT HUNGRY! JUST BEING A-HOLES! Along with that treat, they had ramen noodles. I mean what dog buffet isn’t complete without ramen? And, they even drug across the floor the 5 pound bad of epsom salt I had bought to make bath bombs and ripped it open – just for SHITS and giggles I guess. NO REALLY!  We looked it up to make sure they weren’t in harms way. Epsom salt ingested by dogs – yup causes a laxative effect. WTF?! So – one time thing right? And you ask, how long were they alone? They were alone for about 2 hours. OK – so back to lung day – they were left alone for 10 minutes in the very same room my mom had been sitting with them in all day while she was working. Three words – STRAW CAMEL BACK. My dearest cute pups tore into the graduation decorations that I had been prepping over the past few weeks to save myself last-minute work. Deep breathes. Disclaimer – No cute puppies were injured in any of the aforementioned incidents. Good thing they are cute!

Any-who… Lung Day. Don’t you know I just sent back my oxygen two weeks ago. It was one of my rebellious moves. I get into moods sometimes when I just don’t want to be sick anymore and I want to rebel. I was sort of it that mood when I had my tube pulled. It can get that drastic. Does anyone else with chronic illness get like this? I just get to the point that “I am over that oxygen on my face!” or “I am so tired of dragging an IV pole around!” I can’t imagine I am the only one. Since I am so hard-headed and sent it back…now I need to get sleep tested again! Have you ever done a sleep study? The one I had to do to get the oxygen at first was in a hospital. A sleep study has to be the worst nights sleep ever. Even if you take a sleep aid, you won’t sleep. You are harnessed with so many wires you feel like a marionette. It’s like “I’m a real girl!”

im a real girl

You are a puppet of the sleep people. And to add to all of that – as if that isn’t enough, you are being listened to and watched!! SUPER CREEPY!! BUT – since we know for a fact that my oxygen does this, I lucked out and don’t have to go back to the hospital again. That’s a relief! I get to do an overnight sleep study in the privacy of my own home. They will all come here and watch me….just kidding! Wouldn’t that be awful??? Actually, they will probably just drop off some type of pulse ox equipment that will monitor my oxygen level all night. That will show the dips and will be proof enough that I need the oxygen to come back and then voila…oxygen will be coming back any day. I got a small break though. I have to sleep on oxygen. Not a CPAP. It’s not apnea. My oxygen level drops dangerously low while I sleep. Therefore, I sleep with an oxygen cannulacannula in my nose.

I have what is called an oxygen concentrator next to my bed. It is huge. Its like the size of a big guitar amplifier…lol. It makes the oxygen for me. Now, the next step is I am having a full exercise test done to see if I need to wear oxygen during my awake time while I am up and moving around. This is a possibility since I get so winded and also dizzy when I am active. I will keep you posted on that. My PFTs showed some things stayed the same and some things decreased. One of the things that decreased in my lung capacity. I am taking it all as it comes and trying to just stay positive. This is a busy time is our house and no time for hospitalizations or depression. So…I will no stress about it for now.

Speaking of busy times – One week from today. Tyler and Kelsey will be walking the stage and receiving their high school diplomas. I am so proud of them both. It is a big accomplishment and I am so honored to have been a part of their high school journey – late night essays and projects included. We love our kids and wouldn’t trade one minute of any of it! Two down, one to go! Next year, Jake will graduate from high school. I can’t believe my baby will be a senior this year. I love them all so much!

Looking forward to the graduation and the party and then on to Jake and Tyler’s birthday’s and then in July, Kelsey’s birthday! Busy times in our family. And like I said…I wouldn’t trade one second of it! And then on to my favorite week of the year – our family’s annual trip to the shore. My husband started this tradition for us 5 years ago and I will forever be grateful to him for a) starting it and b)making it happen every year no matter what! I love you, honey!

Woohoo! My life is a blog! Love and hugs to all!