Tim and I decided to take the dogs for a walk yesterday. It was our second attempt to walk them at the beautiful Valley Forge Park. The weather was perfect. 

I got a miserable nights sleep the night before but was able to sleep the next morning from 6 am to 12:30 pm so was appreciative for the block of rest. I have been in more pain than I care to admit lately. But anyway…the dogs….

The first time we took the dogs to Valley Forge, Chocolate (the small one) decided to roll in the grass. How cute I thought. Yea…not so much! She was rolling in poop!!! Eww!!! It was the nastiest smelling poop I had ever had the displeasure of smelling! That was the worst drive home. I had her wrapped in a quilt that was in the back of the car. Super nasty!!

Fast forward to today. Gorgeous day…77 degrees. I wasn’t feeling good but felt like being outside may be good for me. So…we decided to go to the park with the dogs for a walk. We bathed them the night before (a little doggie spa night) so they were all soft, smelled fresh as a daisy and were so excited to go. Off we went. We got to the park, and started on our way. What a great day! We walked for a little bit and then decided to stop and take pictures. Walked a little bit more and then thought maybe we would let the dogs run for a little while, tire them out. BAD, BAD IDEA! Within 30 seconds, our dear sweet Chocolate started rolling in the grass and if you already guessed that she was rolling in crap…well then you are 100% freaking correct!!! It was so foul! And to top off the poop cake with more gushy crap icing, Nibbles followed her lead. Yup! Two really stinking dogs! Another really disgusting trip home. And of course, two more baths. Dejafreakingvu! 

All in all, a pretty doggone good day. We did tire the dogs out. But dear God, tired the hell out of me too. 

Woohoo! My life is a blog!