I wake up in an insane about of pain after sleeping in 87 different positions trying to find relief from pain all night. But the key words were – I wake up! Always a good start to the day.

You know when you wake up in the morning and you really have to go to the bathroom? You are practically walking with your knees together. Yes. That was me this morning. But add to that…THE POLE! No more getting anywhere quickly for me. Not like I was sprinting anywhere anyway but add the IV pole to the mix and it is a circus act. I wish (or not) that someone could video this process. My original pole generously provided to me by my insurance company was so large that I couldn’t fit it down the hallway. Seriously! I live in a 115 year old house, very narrow hallways. So I would have to pick up and walk my pole around like a dog. A big awkward dog with tubes all over.  My incredible mom (Cathy) bought me a very compact based really sturdy pole. Thank God for her! Sadly, it won’t roll down the hall because of the carpet so now I am walking a slimmer dog that has packed on some major pounds. But, I make it there and all is good.

Next, tube care. Tubie life is a much different life and all of the maintenance and care steps are critical. SO you have to flush your tubes. This just simply means flushing water through the tubes via a large syringe to keep the tubes free from clogging. Sounds easy enough right? I thought so too…in the beginning. Until my tubes overflowed on me about eight thousand times. Now, I have the trick. No one tells you the trick. You have to learn on your own. Because I love you all, I will share. Hopefully you never need it. You must hold your breathe and not talk during the whole time your tube is open. You can bet your bottom dollar that this is when someone will ask you a question, your phone will ring, you will cough or worse yet, sneeze. What a shit show that is!

Now on to medications. I lay out my meds on the counter. To the passerby-er, it may appear I am setting up to play a good ole game of mancala. Nope! Just taking my morning meds. Since the addition of my tube, I have the option to grind my pills, mix with water and syringe them into my tube. As much fun as that sounds, I chose to still swallow them. After all, I can’t eat. At least it is something going into my stomach. I am a fat girl at heart!

Are you still with me? Bathroom – check! Tube care – check! Meds – check! Next – shower. I am lucky enough to have had some modifications done to my house to make life easier for me. My favorite of these is my built in shower seat. Makes me life so much easier. Because of my depleted energy level, I still have to decide between showering and washing my hair or showering and shaving. Sadly for Tim (my hubby), my hair always smells wonderful and my legs look like Sasquatch.

Time to make my way down the stairs. Without a doubt, my mom will be at the bottom of the stairs to greet me with the biggest smile and a hug. I love my mom! This is not just an occasional occurrence – this is EVERY morning! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

With all of that done, I make my way to the sofa to start my day aka take a nap. zzzzz!

Woohoo! My life is a blog!