I started out my day like any other day. Twenty minutes of throat clearing, disconnect from the feeding tube, flush the tube, take meds and take a shower. Sounds quick and easy but for real…this took me an hour! Now…I am ready to blog. I am having a hard time with the typing. It takes me a while to type each blog because of the pain in my hands from the Raynaud’s. I remembered that my Mom had bought me Dragon Naturally Speaking software a while ago and I never fully downloaded the program or used it. I knew just where I had put the box which is amazing because my memory and mind are not as sharp as they used to be. My kids tease me about my “putting away” skills. I have 2 ottomans in my living room that open and can be used for storage. Whenever someone can’t find something – they joke – “check the ottomans!”. I’m embarrassed to say…they are usually right! Anyway, I grab the Dragon box and anxiously open it up and unpack the goodies from inside. All was there – headphones, connectors, paperwork…all but the download disc. This could be a problem. How can I train my dragon without the disc? Mom to the rescue. She bought me the most up to date software. Where would I be without her?

I am so excited to start using the new software so the download begins. I started the download 3 separate times and still no installed Dragon. The last time, I had a really good feeling about it actually working…and…my computer decided it was time to restart. UGH!!!!

While waiting for my laptop to finish updating, the regional rep from VW called. Oh how I dread that call! I can almost predict his exact message to me. Hello…yadda yadda yadda…your car has been road tested and no problems have been found. To which I respond, UNACCEPTABLE! Would you let your mom drive in this car after 4 flats? I think not. He is looking into it more and calling me no later than 5pm tomorrow. WHATEVER! By the time that call comes, I predict a new car will be living in my driveway sans tire drama.

Here goes! I need to start training my dragon. I have to admit, even in my own living room with only my husband and mom home, I feel like a major dork as I place my headset on. I have the overwhelming urge to ask “Would you like to supersize that?” or ” Would you like fries with that?”. I start reciting the text to help Dragon to learn my voice and tone. Embarrassed I continue reading. A message pops up that I am speaking too low. HA! Anyone that knows me knows that I do not have an inside voice or even possess the power to speak softly. My old office mates can attest to that. Or my neighbors. It helps that Tim has just sat down and laughed at the site of me saying he feels like he should make a call and I would answer with “Hello this is Jelly. How can I help you today?” Thanks honey! The same message comes up 2 more times. Turns out I had the audio cables plugged in reverse order.

I need help!

I did it! I said I need help and it typed it. YAY ME! This is going to be fun.

I think I will name my Dragon. I will call him Doogy. Tomorrow’s blog will be completely “typed” by Doogy. He’s like my new personal assistant. If only I could teach Doogy to do laundry and dishes. Oh well! Maybe he has a brother…

Woohoo! My life is a blog!