Today my son, Jake, drove me to Philly for my wound care appointment. Jake has his permit and was hitting the major highways for the first time. He really is a great driver. But what an adventure!

We started out behind schedule by about 20 minutes and after the mandatory McDonald’s run (for him, not me) we were on our way but really behind the eight ball. Jake assured me he would make up time. Wait! Do I really want to encourage him to do that? I’m usually crazy (in general, but more specifically) about being at appointments early, or at least on time. Today, we would get there when we got there. I was just thankful to him for waking up early and driving me there. The laughs on the way were just an added bonus.

Jake merges onto the first highway in our journey and ends up stuck behind (and I quote) “Swervey McSwervster” who was meandering back in force in the lane. I explained to Jake that was what texting and driving looks like and we went around him. Imagine Jake’s surprise when we passed our friend Swervey and he was in fact…texting. Hmmm…maybe mom does know something.

Oh wait! Did I tell you that I am in a rental car? That’s right! My car is still at the dealership. The service department called me late yesterday to happily tell me that there is nothing wrong with my car and I could pick it up. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Needless to say, I “politely” told them they could rethink that answer and keep the car until they find the problem. They provided me with a free loaner and the saga continues. I told you I complained to corporate. The representative from VW corporate called me this afternoon. He also assured me that nothing was wrong with my car. After I blasted him. He added that the service department would have liked to have kept my car overnight to road test it, but since I had to take it home, they couldn’t. Again…are you freaking kidding me? My car is at the dealership…hasn’t been home since it was towed from here on Saturday night. This is getting scary. They don’t know it is there and they don’t know I have their car? They are going to test drive it and get back to me tomorrow. More to come on this subject.

Back to this morning. Our next encounter on the road was Pastor Sue. We know this because her license plate said – PSTRSUE. The good pastor liked to drive really slow in the passing lane. We followed her for far too many miles before we could finally get around her. We laughed about her for a bit. We finally make it to the hospital, and only 6 minutes late. We drive into the parking garage to find a spot as I remember I don’t have my car with the handicap plate so who knows where we will end up parking. But look! Up ahead, a car is pulling out of a spot close to the elevators, perfect! Jake says “Look it’s Pastor Sue!” I laugh as I think he is joking. The car pulls out and damn if it wasn’t good ole’ Suzy! We are laughing hysterically as we pull into the spot and look up at the sign that reads permit parking only. She got us again! How in the hell did she get there before us? We find another parking spot and head for the elevators. And who do we finally come face to face with? If you guessed Pastor Sue you are correct. How awkward! Did she know it was us riding her tail down the road? What are the chances that we were heading to the same destination and end up in the same damn elevator. Just a reminder – be nice to everyone on the road. You never know if you will end up sharing an elevator with them.

Now onto the wound care appointment. It went great! I loved the nurse that helped me and he was able to offer some really good care advice for my stoma. The whole appointment was only 15 minutes. Jake couldn’t believe we had to drive an hour for a 15 minute appointment. Welcome to my world, Son!

Luckily, the drive home was uneventful and full of laughs and great conversation. Have I told you that I love being a mom?

Woohoo! My life is a blog!