Blogging from the beautiful City of Brotherly Love’s Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

The drive down this morning was a bit like a slow moving parking lot until Tim decided to change our route. Thank God or I fear we would still be sitting there! I’m so glad he knows directions. Me? The most directionally challenged person to ever live. I get lost leaving my driveway.

No Pastor Sue to report this trip. Just a whole lot of slow driving, beep happy drivers. What’s the beeping going to do for you?

Got to the infusion center and my meds were all ready for me. Since the meds have to be “made fresh” for each treatment there is sometimes a wait just for the meds to come. Not today! I got the pre meds, including my sleep inducing fave- Benadryl. But before that could happen, the nurse played pin the needle on the Joey with my left arm. Because I get so many injections, IVs and Infusions…I have a lot of scar tissue and it makes me a “hard stick”. I see a central port in my future. But for today, had to switch arms and finally…she was in…success! About 10 minutes after the Benadryl injection, I’m out cold. Dreaming of smoothies and frozen yogurt. I told you I’m a fat kid at heart. Tim says the last thing I said to him was Google Carlo’s bakery in center city. Fat kid! Yup! That’s me!

This infusion only took 5 hours. Not too bad. The infusion pump gods were not looking out for me today. Started the day with beeping cars…now a beeping pump. It is the most annoying and loud alarm going off over and over in an almost “I hit the snooze button” pattern. I woke up each time but fell quickly back to sleep each time. All in all, not bad. Just super tired still and see a Netflix night ahead and maybe a smoothie. Mmmm!

After the infusion wrapped up we had to go to another building across the street for my chest CT follow up from my June aspiration of vomit. ICK! So foul! Aspiration is not a fun game. I don’t recommend it!

We are heading back home now. Recalling all of our past hospital experiences- inpatient and out. So many that it is hard to keep track now. What a crazy ride it’s been! One that I hope I can keep riding for a long time!

This is my current situation…brake lights.

Starting to move now so think I will grab some shut eye. Oh wait! I’m driving!

Just kidding, silly!

Oh! And if your wondering if we went to Carlo’s Bakery…you should know me by now…right?

Of course we did!

We bought so much they gave us a souvenir bag. I think I can get this cannoli into my tube. Or at least out of my G tube when/if it’s a total fail.

And through each and every day, all I can think is I love my life! I wouldn’t change a thing! I AM BLESSED! 

Hope you all had a great Monday!

Woohoo! My life is a blog!