First let me say – Happy birthday to the best Mom in the world!

Next stop…CRAZYTOWN! All aboard!

Woke up Monday morning and waited for a call from the VW dealership about my car. Since, as you know, it was towed there Saturday night. No call! So, I called them.

Asked for the service department and inquired about the status of my car. The service adviser said he knew nothing about my car. Oh…you haven’t looked at it yet, right? No no no…THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT! The adviser told me that he didn’t have my keys, paperwork or my car. Great! My car problems just went from annoying tire issues to a missing vehicle. Do I call the police? Drive around in my invisible car and look for it? Good morning, Joey, welcome to your Monday!

I called the towing company and inquired about the car. They said the paperwork says it went to the dealership so they would call the driver and see what he did with it. He was a part-time driver and who knows what he did with it. That’s very comforting. Forty five minutes later…no call from anyone. I grabbed my phone and went to my VW app to call and complain when I remembered the app has a locator option. Why didn’t the VW dealership suggest that from the start. Turned out…I held the power to find my car in my own hands! I got an address where my car was parked. I googled the address…Guess where it was? It was still at the towing company. I called them again…they said they were holding it there. Uh…why? But the good news was that my car is no longer among the missing. I will actually see my car again! Oh yeah…I will actually see my f’d up car again. Exciting and then…not so much.

After my call to VW corporate, my case has now been opened, escalated and is being reviewed. It better be a quick review. I have to be in Philly tomorrow for wound care for my tube site. Did I tell you about that? Last week, I went to the hospital to have my stoma (tube site) looked at. It had developed granulation tissue which is very painful. The tissue was very small but hurt like a bitch. The physician’s assistant used silver nitrate to “burn” the tissue off. The next day, the whole site was burning and raw. Turns out, she treated the granulation tissue plus the intact skin around it so that the whole site was now raw. Ow! I have a pretty high pain threshold and this left me breathless and cursing. I called the PA and she said “Oh sorry I tried to wipe it off but must not have gotten it all” and then giggled. There is nothing funny about this lady. I giggled in a “I’m going to hurt you kind of way” and hung up. Now, wound care is in order. Funny thing, I just need a car to get there.

When it rains it pours!

Woohoo! My life is a blog!